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[Dunia] Krisis Rusia vs US

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Post time 16-11-2014 04:17 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Kenapa krisis mengenai Rusia, dengan US dan austerlia di hiddenkan di malaysia....
Contohnya berita mengenai...kehadiran kapal perang Rusia di austerlia...

TWO F18s were reportedly scrambled in a G20 security scare.                                                                                                                        The aircraft investigated an unidentified boat near Bribie Island at about 7.40am Sunday.
The boat was deemed to be safe a short time later.
At 8.30am, watercraft monitoring tool Ship Finder listed two vessels stationed near the coast off Bribie Island.
One is believed to be a Cape Byron Patrol vessel operated by Australian Customs.
The second is listed as the Hugli Spirit, a large chemical ship from the Bahamas.


Security forces are on high alert with the worlds leaders gathered in Brisbane for this weekends summit.
        Around 6000 police officers are patrolling the streets, with military personnel and SES volunteers providing further back-up.
Roads and hotels are barricaded, and even catering trucks cannot move through the city without police escorts.
Helicopters whirr overhead, and each of the G20 nations has also brought its own private security detail.
Major disruption and delays are expected this evening when 20 of the 26 leaders will leave the city in motorcades at the close of the conference. Crews will work through the night to return the city to normal for morning rush hour.

                                                                A man is detained and his bags searched by police after Barack Obama's convoy left the Marriott Hotel.                                                Source: News Corp Australia                                

Authorities have said there is no current credible terror threat, but security forces remain on high alert.
At least seven protests are expected to take place today.
There were just four arrests at more than 20 events yesterday, with 24 people excluded from the security zone around the CBD.
But officials said things could get brutal in the city, with temperatures expected to soar to 40C.

                                                                The US presidents convoy leaves the Marriott Hotel.                                                Source: News Corp Australia                                

A man with two suitcases was detained and searched this morning just metres from Brisbanes Marriott Hotel, where Barack Obama is staying.
Police were seen documenting his belongings, which appeared to include electronics, a plastic bag of foreign currency and pieces of paper and cardboard.
The US president arrived at the summit early yesterday in Marine One, part of a convoy of three helicopters, and had just left the hotel in the beast when the man was stopped.
Police earlier in the weekend investigated mysterious bubbles in the Brisbane river, leading to much speculation over the possibility of it being a Russian submarine. It turned out to be an outlet pipe.

                                                                Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe leaving the Novotel with a police escort.                                                Source: News Corp Australia                                

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 Author| Post time 16-11-2014 04:18 PM | Show all posts
US Navy Flees In Terror As Russian Warships Near Australia

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A Naval Surface Forces (NSF) updated report to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) circulating in the Kremlin today on the accelerated deployment of the Pacific Fleet guided missile cruiser Varyag and destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov (along with their support ships) to international waters off the coast of Australia is confirming that that the Australian Navy has sent another of their warships to the region.

Joining the Australian Navy warships HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Stuart that had been ordered to crash sail to meet the Russian fleet, this report continues, is the replenishment vessel HMAS Sirius.

As we had previously reported on in our 12 November report Russian Navy Rushes To Australia Over Putin Assassination Fears, the necessitating of these Russian warships deploying to Australia was due to a Federal Security Forces (FSB) report detailing a plot by the Obama regime to attack President Putins plane during his attendance of this weekends G-20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia.

This NSF report further notes that the deviation from their mission of testing their fleets range capability, in case they have to do climate change research in the Antarctic, to protecting President Putin was, also, publically confirmed by the Russian Embassy in Australia earlier today.

Heightening the concerns of FSB intelligence analysts, the MoD previously reported, is that President Putins plane will be transversing some of the same areas as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did this past March which resulted in that aircrafts mysterious capture and disappearance at the hands of the US Navy operating from their highly-secretive Indian Ocean base located on the Diego Garcia atoll.

Also to be noted, the FSB has warned, is the still unexplained shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine this past July, which many intelligence experts note may have been an attempt to assassinate President Putin as his planes path intersected MH-17, and due to the outward appearance similarity of these two aircraft caused the two Ukrainian Air Force fighter jets to mistakenly shoot MH-17 down, a fact which newly discovered radar tapes confirm. [3rd photo left]

Most astounding to be mentioned in this NSF report, however, is its reporting that the Obama regime has ordered all US Navy warships in the Australian region not to approach, or in any way provoke, these Russian ships over their fears of another USS Donald Cook incident occurring.

USS Donald Cook is an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer in the US Navy and is considered as one of, if not the most, powerful warships in Americas arsenal, but which in the incident being referred to in this NSF report was completely disabled by Russian forces in the Black Sea this past April.

And as reported by the Russia & India Report News Service about this incident we can further, in part, read:

The Su-24 Russian tactical bomber which approached the Donald Cook carried no bombs or missiles but a container with the Khibiny radio-electronic military system. Having approached the destroyer, Khibiny was used to switch off the American destroyers radar, battle control circuits and data exchange systems. In other words, it turned off the whole Aegis by remote control. After this, the Su-24 simulated a missile attack at the blind and deaf ship, and repeated the manoeuvre 12 times. When the Russian fighter left, the Donald Cook rushed to a Romanian port and never approached Russian waters again.

So gravely demoralizing was this incident to the US Navy, the US State Department confirmed in their protest to Russia, 27 sailors from the USS Donald Cook requested to be relieved from active service after their warships total disablement by the technologically superior Russian forces. (After all, who wants to be sitting ducks?)

With the Pacific Fleets guided missile cruiser Varyag sent to protect President Putin being equipped with [at least] three new and highly secretive Altius unmanned air vehicles (UAV) that are all equipped with both the Khibiny and Borisoglebsk-2 electronic warfare systems, this report notes, it is no wonder that the US Navy has fled in fear from encountering this fleet.

As to if President Putin himself is in fear of the Obama regimes plot to assassinate him this report doesnt mention.  But judging by his statement today declaring that the Russian economy wont be dominated by Americas Dollar Dictatorship, and by his packing Russian vaults with another whopping 55 tonnes of gold last quarter to battle the Wests fiat currencies, his plan for surviving this growing economic war shows no signs of abating.  

November 14, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

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 Author| Post time 16-11-2014 04:25 PM | Show all posts
PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has described the convoy of heavily armed Russian warships cruising international waters towards Australias north as part of freedom of navigation.

The Prime Minister was adament his discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin to date had focused on responsibility over the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Asked whether he would bring up the warships with Mr Putin when he arrives in Australia for the G20, Mr Abbott said those discussions had focused on a crime.

The downing of MH17, thats a crime, he said.

Obviously the full circumstances are being investigated... but plainly at the very least a missile was fired with reckless indifference to the outcome.. to human life.

Under our laws thats manslaughter at the very least. But warships in international waters, thats just part of freedom of navigation.

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 Author| Post time 16-11-2014 04:27 PM | Show all posts
Canberra monitoring Russian warships 'nearing Australia'
Russian military ships take part in exercises in the Pacific Ocean near the Sakhalin island - 16 July 2013 Australian officials said Russian vessels have previously been deployed in conjunction with major summits
Continue reading the main story       
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    Abbott holds MH17 talks with Putin
    Russia plans long-range air patrols
    Russian planes test Nato defences

Australia says it is monitoring four Russian naval vessels that are approaching its waters to the north of the country.

The Australian Defence Force said two frigates and a surveillance aircraft had been sent to track the warships.

In a statement, it said the Russian vessels were heading towards Australia but remained in international waters.

Analysts say it is a show of force by Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of the G20 summit in Brisbane.

"The movement of these vessels is entirely consistent with provisions under international law for military vessels to exercise freedom of navigation in international waters," the ADF statement read.

The ADF said Russian naval vessels have previously been deployed in conjunction with major international summits, including the Apec summit in Singapore in 2009.

"A warship from Russia's Pacific fleet also accompanied former Russian president Medvedev's visit to San Francisco in 2010," the statement added.

Mr Putin is due in Australia this weekend to attend the G20 summit.
'Flexing a little muscle'

James Brown, a military fellow at the Lowy Institute, said the movement of the four Russian vessels comes just days after a Russian missile cruiser conducted unilateral live-fire drills in the South China Sea.

The reason for this level of Russian naval activity in South East Asia, Mr Brown wrote in a blog post, seems "to be to flex a little muscle".

On Wednesday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott held talks with Mr Putin at the Apec summit in Beijing focused on the downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine in July.

All 298 people on the Malaysia Airlines plane died in the incident, including 38 Australians.

The Australian leader has previously said those on the plane were "murdered by Russian-backed rebels using Russian-supplied equipment".

Mr Putin has denied Russia had any involvement in the incident.

A statement from the Kremlin released after the talks said both leaders spoken "robustly" in favour of speeding up the investigation, saying it was "unacceptable" that experts were still unable to access the crash site.

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Post time 16-11-2014 04:28 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Tak minat.

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 Author| Post time 16-11-2014 04:34 PM | Show all posts
PRIME Minister Tony Abbott says he deplores Russia's involvement in the Ukraine conflict but still treated Vladimir Putin with respect at the G20 because he was a guest.

MR Abbott was asked about his relationship with the Russian president after unveiling the summit's official communique on Sunday.
He said the G20 provided an opportunity to speak candidly with Mr Putin about their differences, particularly over the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the downing of flight MH17 over the region.

"I don't particularly approve, in fact I utterly deplore, what seems to be happening in eastern Ukraine," Mr Abbott told reporters.

"I demand that Russia fully cooperate with the investigation, the criminal investigation of the downing of MH17 - one of the most terrible atrocities of recent times."

Mr Abbott said he and other leaders had "very robust discussions" with Mr Putin about Russia's involvement in Ukraine.

It followed on from "very robust discussions" during the APEC summit in Beijing last week as well, he said.

But Mr Abbott said Mr Putin, who was the first major leader to leave the G20 early on Sunday afternoon, was a guest in Australia.

"President Putin is a member of the G20 and I was happy to treat him with respect and courtesy while he was here in Australia," he said.

Mr Abbott made headlines last month after threatening to "shirt front" Mr Putin over Russia's alleged role in the MH17 disaster.

Earlier on Sunday, Australia, Japan and the United States jointly condemned Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

The three nations also vowed to bring to justice those responsible for the downing of MH17.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Russia would suffer if it did not help stop the conflict in Ukraine.

"Russia needs to know that there is a real unitive purpose between America and the European Union in making sure we don't have some permanent frozen conflict on the continent of Europe," he told reporters in Brisbane.

"If that is to happen I don't think the relationship between Russia on one hand and Britain and America on the other hand can be the same."

He said the European Union had already mapped out a clear plan to respond to Russia's involvement in the Ukraine conflict, and that plan included trade sanctions.

"So far I think we have been true to those steps that when Russia does something to destabilise Ukraine, a further step has been taken," he said.

"I hope that isn't necessary. I hope that even at this late stage President Putin takes a different path.

"He knows that if he were to continue down the destabilisation path further measures, like those that have already been introduced, will be introduced by America and the European Union."

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 Author| Post time 16-11-2014 04:35 PM | Show all posts
ko rang minat cerita dalam kain jer....

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Post time 16-11-2014 04:35 PM | Show all posts
gaduh la nak gaduh pun,gaduh kecik2 ok lagi, jangan sampai perang nuklear sudah

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Post time 16-11-2014 04:41 PM | Show all posts
tunggu sapa dulu tekan button NUKE

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Post time 16-11-2014 04:42 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Dah buat salah skang dh jd paranoid lahhh.....
Bubble pon korang ingat submarine


Tunggulah tgk ostelia nk ngaku konspirasi dgn us

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 Author| Post time 16-11-2014 04:44 PM | Show all posts

Special Report from Sister Ciara
Its hard to believe, but it is neverthelesstrue, that just one year ago this month the world was celebrating because theObama regime and its war-hawk allies were stoppeddead in their tracks in their plan to start a new war against Syriaand byextension World War III.
The cause clbrefor the September, 2013 war against Syria, used by the Obama regime andits allies, was a deadly chemical gas attack upon hundreds of Syrian civiliansby the regime of Bashar al-Assad.
This blatant lie was quickly exposed by many,including the world-famous American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, and who inhis scathing report on this chemical attack proved it was actually carried out bySyrian rebel forces acting at thebehest of Turkey, for the purpose of providing a pretext for a US attack onSyria.
Mind you, notone single major American or British news organization reported the truthof this deadly chemical attack to their citizens, rather it was left to us conspiracy theorists to make sure thetruth was told.and (thankfully) enough people heard the truth and stopped themadnessbut only for awhile.
Now at this point its critical that I remindyou of what is really going on here and why Syria is so importantand as weve,likewise, told you manytimes before.
There is now an existential crisis in our world between the United States-EuropeanUnion-Russia-China (and all their respective allies) over the future of theglobal economyspecifically what is going to be the reserve currency ofthe 21st Century for the purchase of oil and gas.
Currently the global reserve currency is theUS Dollar, which allows the American Federal Reserve to literally print moneyto support not only their economy, but that of the European Union tooso muchso that just during one week alone in 2011, the Federal Reserve [url=]kept523 EU banks from collapsing by giving them Last edited by cmf_acura on 16-11-2014 04:47 PM


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Post time 16-11-2014 04:45 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
spiderman80 posted on 16-11-2014 04:28 PM
Tak minat.

Saya minat nak tahu us sedang berbaik2 dgn China..SBB kununnya nak imbangi kekuatan China disebelah rantau sini.

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Post time 16-11-2014 04:45 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
spiderman80 posted on 16-11-2014 04:28 PM
Tak minat.

Kamu tak minat utk migrate ke Australia ke?

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Post time 16-11-2014 04:52 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
ultra78 posted on 16-11-2014 04:45 PM
Kamu tak minat utk migrate ke Australia ke?

Tak minat Australia.  Kat sana ramai tak suka orang Asia.

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Post time 16-11-2014 04:54 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Anak_Nogori posted on 16-11-2014 04:45 PM
Saya minat nak tahu us sedang berbaik2 dgn China..SBB kununnya nak imbangi kekuatan China disebela ...

Uncle, negara-negara besar pandai bersandiwara saja.

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Post time 16-11-2014 06:03 PM | Show all posts
padan muka abbot, selama ni tuduh putin macam macam tanpa bukti ..
putin nak tunjuk dia punya fire power, boleh attack 'the land under' tu anytime. kind of asking him to stop jadi spokesperson for US.

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Post time 16-11-2014 06:06 PM | Show all posts
depa pegi cari MH370 tu..

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Post time 16-11-2014 06:30 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Aku menunggu abbot  shirtfront Putin, rupanyajagoan kampung saja abbot ni.. Dah berdepan dgn Putin jadi kucin plak abbot...:lol

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Post time 16-11-2014 06:43 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
China aper lagi...Russia dh start dah

Hantarlah kapal jugak

Tengok camner us n ostalia kecut te**

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Post time 16-11-2014 06:48 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Mesti berkait dgn mh17 dan mh370 ni....abbot tunjuk hero sangat

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